Our Beers

last-call-blondeBLONDE LAGER
A Blonde Lager with untraditional malts, a beer that is cold settled and unfiltered.
A great craft beer without the heavy complex flavors. Naturally settled to retain flavor and create a lighter beer with a nice balance of flavor and clean finish.  Cheers..

amber-aleAMBER ALE
An unfiltered Ruby Red beer that is slightly higher in IBU, a beer that starts with rich malt flavors and finishes hoppy but clean, a blend of traditional and untraditional malts and hops to create that great balance of taste and smooth bitterness. Cheers..

dirty-blondeDIRTY BLONDE ( Seasonal ALE)

A single batch brew offered seasonally and with limited quantities..

cossock_imperialCOSSOCK IMPERIAL ( Imperial Black IPA)
Not your ordinary IPA, This dark Stout style IPA has the rich flavoring of an Imperial Stout but a very clean crisp body with and a hoppy finish. A complex blend of dark malts and unique hops that make a truly enjoyable dark IPA. Cheers..